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Cam-ARA was the first company in the UK to produce an on-board self-powered (SP) mini-camera system to record all the action during client's trial lessons for a leading provider of Air Experience Flights (AEFs) in both classic, and high-performance aerobatic aircraft.

The SP technology was initially developed for Tiger Moth aircraft flights, and then offered for sale to the individuals after their flight. With the Tiger Moth trips, the challenge faced, was that with no inherent electrical system on-board the aircraft, the entire system had to be self-powered for up to eleven hours, and without changing batteries!


 Cam-ARA now own and operate various CAA-approved on-board camera systems. Current CAA minor mods held are:

Tiger Moth, Stampe, Cap10, Pa28, Extra 300, Bulldog, Hawker Hunter, EV97 Eurostar, Robinson R22, Cessna 152 & Slingsby T67


With this wealth of experience & understanding  the requirements from the pilots,operators,CAA & EASA, engineering, film producers.....oh yes also participants Cam-ARA are well placed to fulfil the demands of aviation filming.

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